Camera Path Robot (CPR)
ECE 246 - Advanced Digital Systems Lab
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Concept started January 2003
Completed early May2003

Goals: The project will be a success if video captured by a camera can be overlaid with video generated by a 3D computer graphics package resulting in a believable final product.
Description: CPR will move a camera on a programmed path. The camera will be mounted on a platform that allows tilt, pan, and with a jib-arm, boom the camera for use in recording footage of small-scale models, and also real actors. To insert CG graphics, CPR will use ICARUS software to track camera movement.


***Final Report***

News Updates:

  • Early February, Created this site
  • February 28th, Mid-Semester Demo #1, we showed Adam's stepper motor driver to the class and Andy's designs for the chassis on Autocad.
  • March 11th, Andy got the designs to the ECE Machine Shop for review and eventual build.
  • March 21st, Final designs were submitted to the Machine Shop.
  • March 31st, Met with Craig from the Machine Shop and discussed chassis redesigns.
  • April 16th, Chassis completed and delieverd to ADSL.
  • April 17th, Added chassis images to this site (see below).
  • May 2nd, Finished project, with multithreading of four various degrees of freedom.
  • May 5th, Finished Final Report which is available for viewing from this website.
  • June 9th, Added photos of the demo day into a photo album.

Test Videos:

View a preliminary test video created by hand. The movement was *close* to a circular path and the video generated in the computer *was* a circular path. Notice the problem.

Here is a test video generated using ICARUS (see the links to the right). It guesses at the movement without any information other than the digital video stream itself.

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adam's pictures

Demo Day

John Hart's Photos

Picture closeup of cam platform
Width x Height
Size @ 300dpi 21mm x 15mm
0.82" x 0.62"
File size 0.02Mbytes
Format JPEG
Date 4/16/03 7:23 PM

Picture ece246 lab bench
Width x Height
Size @ 300dpi 55mm x 41mm
2.16" x 1.62"
File size 0.11Mbytes
Format JPEG
Date 4/16/03 7:24 PM

Picture me and craig with the robot - 4-16-03
Width x Height
Size @ 300dpi 63mm x 84mm
2.5" x 3.33"
File size 0.25Mbytes
Format JPEG
Date 4/16/03 7:24 PM

Picture me with robot 4-16-03
Width x Height
Size @ 300dpi 101mm x 97mm
4.0" x 3.85"
File size 0.46Mbytes
Format JPEG
Date 4/16/03 7:24 PM

Picture magnatron info
Width x Height
Size @ 300dpi 84mm x 112mm
3.33" x 4.44"
File size 0.23Mbytes
Format JPEG
Date 4/16/03 7:25 PM

Picture BXConneting ribbon
Width x Height
Size @ 300dpi 42mm x 31mm
1.66" x 1.25"
File size 0.1Mbytes
Format JPEG
Date 4/30/03 12:26 AM

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Proposals Due
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Design of Chassis


Feb 28
Mar 7
Mar 14
First Mid-Sem Demonstration

Chassis Design, Stepper Driver Design 6
Mar 21
Mar 28

Spring Vacation
Chassis Design, Stepper Driver Design 9
Apr 4
Apr 11

Second Mid Semester Demo
Chassis Design, Stepper Driver Design 11
Apr 18   Chassis Complete (see photo), Next Controller Software 13
Apr 25
May 2

End of Sem Open House!
Controller Software
Assemble Demo Video
May 5 Final Report Due Final Report 16


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