Bag Phone Project

I started here with a bag phone from probably 1992. Thanks to Dave and Christina for this phone! I gladly take donations....

People ask: "Why?". I dunno, the retro factor is hilarious to me.

Here is the internal wiring of the Bag Phone - I had to bypass all of the original wiring because of some capacitance in the circuitry somewhere. Oh well, at least the mic and speaker were of the correct power to work well with the my phone! The circle in this picture is the speaker for the earpiece - its facing down towards the table.

Here is the bottom wiring - the mic is the circular thing in the top right. The phone is facing down toward the table. I was just soldering up some of the last connections before sealing this thing back up.

Hoo! Final product. Note that the bag phone has an RJ-45 (ethernet) jack, and that jack can be unplugged from the mini-jack that goes into my phone. I'm going to do something similar with an RJ-11 (normal phone) jack and then I can easily switch out other recievers without having to rewire the whole thing everytime.

Testing. Looking tired. I am tired.

This is an ancient motorola phone, but it was just too small (from 1990!) for my phone to fit inside. If i can get a brick phone somewhere I am pretty certain I can implant my phone INSIDE the brick phone.

NEXT UP - I plan on fixing up a Korean War era mobile Army radio. Here's a link to the ebay auction. When it comes in I'll get it wired up ASAP. I plan on putting my cellular phone inside the old radio. The radio is made of aluminum, so i'm going to have to find a way to get an antenna outside the casing. I have a mysterious plug on the top of my phone so i'll have to talk to the folks at Radio Shack to see what it's all about. Stay tuned.

Copyright , 2003.