Wind River Journal - Summer of 1999

by Andrew McAllister
Welcome to my third journal of personal voyages about the globe. This month's trek has taken me to the Wind River Range located in the center of Wyoming where I backpacked for over 30 miles. It was a most wonderful experience; the sky was so blue, and the mountains were so pristine. Sure the bugs were bad, and it was tough work too! Inside, I account for most of the events that passed during the hike. I also have provided a Bio section about the other two guys and me with *special* content, also! Of course, as with my other journals, I have included my photography. This time I have limited the selection to only the good pictures instead of the entire roll(s). It is difficult to take a good photo of the mountains, but impossible to take more then, I'd guess, ten or so with a funsaver! Thanks for visiting.


Biography Section

Photo Gallery

(Left to Right)Tom, Andy, & Charles - 1999
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