May 30th 1998, a Saturday

Upon my awaking, we were stopped to find tall buildings all around. Every square meter (when in Rome...) was crammed with nicely trimmed bushes or vehicles. I found out later that there are 13,000,000 (13 million) people in the Tokyo area, so I can understand why everything has to be so packed in. We then took a taxi to the Asia Center. The trip cost 980, of which we split. To get an idea of how expensive it was, the exchange was 136 for $1.00 making the taxi trip roughly $7.20. The Toyota "Crown" careened through narrow streets, the left side of the streets actually.

Settling down in our room, 207, I found the two beds to be short and hard, but much better than the floor. Japanese take their showers at night so I conformed and took my shower. Our room was small, 3 x 3 meters square, but the bathroom was even worse. It is difficult to turn around, even. I was, however, amused at the toilet that had two different ways to flush. The handle was marked with the Kanji for "big" and "small."

With my shower out of the way, Sensei took us to a restaurant Tanaka recommended, supposedly because of the wide selection of foods. We all stared blankly at the all-Japanese menu trying to reach in our minds to figure out what we wanted to munch on. I deciphered out spaghetti, and decided upon that. Soon the meals came, and I noticed many tiny round objects on the noodles, but I dug in. After finishing a good three fourths of the plate, I decided to ask what the red round things were. Heh, fish eggs. I choked the rest down.