May 29th 1998, a Friday

Japan. It took 23 hours and man, I need a shower. We arrived in Narita and met our tour guide and in-class Japanese guy, Tanaka-San. It ends up, his trip took only 14 hours. We know where the money is. We started into customs at the airport, no problems there. They asked Larry if he'd like to "declare anything," which was amusing. Even funnier, they asked Ryan if he had porno. I didn't think Ryan looked that greasy! I was not asked to open my bag, so I took that as a compliment.

Our first real challenge was exchanging money to yen. The forms were difficult to understand, as the translations to English were pretty inaccurate. For example, "Last Name" is "Family Name" and "First Name" is "Given Name" which makes sense, but is something you must get used to. From there, we went to get our Japan Railway (JR) train tickets and a ticket to go via "Airport Limousine" to our hotel, the Asia Center of Japan. As it ends up, the "Limo" was 30 bucks, and was actually a basic passenger bus. By this time, I am feeling the full force of jet lag. I attempted to stay conscious to take in our trip on elevated highways as we squeezed between sedans and "pimped-out" Japanese minivans. I slowly drifted to sleep.