June 7th 1998, a Sunday

Sunday morning I awoke late, 9:00 AM. Nothing was planned, so I talked with Mrs. Sugiyama, and exchanged addresses. I also had time to pack up and beat Street Fighter 2 on the Super Famicom. Too soon it came time to leave, so we rode off to the station. Gaku gave me a CD set that is really cool, a "B'z" album [which I have on MP3 if anyone wants a copy of it.. just ask me]. I will have to ship a CD over here for him to listen to.

We got group pictures at the station, said our good-byes, and headed off for Kyoto, the ancient capitol.

Unfortunately, the Shinkansen did not match my expectations. First, the car we got on didn't have any open seats by the time I was situated. Second, it wasn't as fast as I had hoped. Still, I'd like to put in, "Why bother with Disneyland when you have Japan's public transportation system?"

From the station, we traveled by bus to our own roach hotel, also known as the Utan Youth Hostel. We will spend a total of four nights here [it ended up being three, the fourth was back at the Asia Center of Japan], and then one night in Narita at a Holiday Inn. Everyone is keeping their fingers crossed for a swimming pool.

For dinner, we went to the Big Boy. I finally got a decent steak, along with a vanilla and coke float. For some reason, there was ice in it as well, which made the float difficult to eat. The Big Boy was about fifteen to twenty minutes on foot from our Hostel. It was a challenge avoiding cars and busses due to the lack of a sidewalk, and I'm still surprised Alice made it. She has this urge to wander in front of cars for some reason .

At tonight's meeting, it was decided that Monday, we would all rent bikes and do Kyoto. This way, we would have a little more fun, and could see more.