June 12th 1998, a Friday

Waking at 6:00, I was a full thirty minutes early meeting the rest of the skiers in the lobby. You know, when I was putting in my wake up call, it was easier to push "0600" than "0630". Darn automated wake up call systems·

Dave Nelson was on time, 7:00, but Sophie and Sara were late again. Remember that pattern that I pointed out earlier on? Regardless, we all got to the subway to go skiing· indoors!

The slope was 80 meters at it's highest point, so pictures were difficult. Only the brochures had decent pictures.

Our group of five waited in line until about 10:00 when they opened. In all, the day cost me about 7,000´ including rental and lift pass but it was worth every penny, ..er yen piece. The group all rented "costumes" (a la Mrs. Tanaka's English . Translations are funny sometimes) including the coat, long johns, and gloves as well as skis. Passing through a revolving door, the air turned to below freezing, which I am still amazed at. Sure enough, the skiing conditions were great, though I wish I would have brought a hat.

I soon remembered how to ski and did the red hill, the most difficult, with Mr. C (who was at my skiing level). Sara had skied twice before in her life, and Dave had skied twice, also, I think, with me at Mt. Crescent three years ago.

I was surprised, because by the end of the day everyone was doing great. Dave hurt himself on a fall, but other than that and sore muscles, we had no injuries. Even Sophie who had never touched skis hit the yellow, intermediate slope without falling and Sara even did the red slope! Bravo!

In the huge complex, there was three "different" slopes. I will have to scan a copy of the brochure to illustrate. All in all, I had a great day, I think the best day overall.

We elected to stay extra time at the hill· I mean we got on the wrong train· and arrived back at the hotel at 4:30 (Sorry 'bout that one Larry). We had Hard Rock Cafˇ for dinner and afterwards boarded our train to Narita for our last night in Japan. Three taxis were necessary to go to the Tokyo Station, and we spent about twenty minutes regrouping. In one day, Tokyo Station funnels over three million people, so from sun up to sun down, "Kansas City" goes through the station.

Needless to say, it was busy.

Soon, though, we were on our way via the Narita Express. The train was all reserve tickets (which we didn't have since we wanted to get to our hotel, a Holiday Inn, in a hurry to swim) so we sat on the floor. By now, we were all used to it!!

The hotel was wonderful. The pool was closed, though. We all ended up hanging out in Mr. C's room and watched Mr. Bean on TV.

Everyone enjoyed the hotel, which must have cost Mr. C a fortune. He said that he popped for it! It was too bad we never got to go swimming.