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07ARGT_001 07ARGT_008 Flying south along Baja California towads a stop-over in Lima. 07ARGT_017 Mendoza Airport. 07ARGT_018 07ARGT_019 07ARGT_020 Meat cooked inside bread. 07ARGT_021 Meat (Steak) cooked inside bread. 07ARGT_022 07ARGT_023 07ARGT_024 Marta with her ice cream cake. 07ARGT_029 07ARGT_030 07ARGT_032 07ARGT_035 07ARGT_037 07ARGT_039 Slats were missing from the bridge! 07ARGT_040 07ARGT_359 07ARGT_043 07ARGT_364 07ARGT_365 07ARGT_367 07ARGT_370 07ARGT_047 07ARGT_049 In front of Marta's house. 07ARGT_050 07ARGT_054 07ARGT_055 The route that San Martin and his army took to get to Chile.  We followed a similar path to get to Aconcagua. 07ARGT_056 07ARGT_058 07ARGT_061 07ARGT_063 07ARGT_064 07ARGT_065 07ARGT_066 Taking a picture of taking a picture of the Gaucho Burger. 07ARGT_067 Outside  the office that issued us our passes to get into the Aconcagua national park area. 07ARGT_068 Reading up on what exactly the hike will be like, since we didn't have much information on how tough it would be. 07ARGT_069 07ARGT_070 Our path was from Horcones, through Confluencia, and then to the right towards Plaza Francia. 07ARGT_072 07ARGT_073 07ARGT_075 07ARGT_077 07ARGT_078 07ARGT_079 07ARGT_080 Loading up the bus which took us to Puente del Inca. 07ARGT_376 07ARGT_378 07ARGT_380 07ARGT_386 07ARGT_083 07ARGT_084 07ARGT_086 07ARGT_087 07ARGT_089 07ARGT_091 07ARGT_092 07ARGT_094 07ARGT_096 The keys were all like this. 07ARGT_097 A staged sleeping shot.
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