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07ARGT_282 The Iguazu Airport.  Only a couple terminals. 07ARGT_283 07ARGT_285 07ARGT_286 07ARGT_289 07ARGT_290 07ARGT_477 07ARGT_478 07ARGT_479 07ARGT_481 07ARGT_482 07ARGT_484 07ARGT_487 The dock used at the end of our boat ride under the waterfalls. 07ARGT_488 The devil's throat.  The current was very fast here, and the boat had to constantly manuver against it while we snapped photos. 07ARGT_493 07ARGT_495 07ARGT_496 07ARGT_497 07ARGT_499 07ARGT_500 07ARGT_501 07ARGT_502 07ARGT_509 The Devil's Throat. 07ARGT_513 07ARGT_518 07ARGT_519 07ARGT_521 07ARGT_294 07ARGT_295 07ARGT_296 07ARGT_298 07ARGT_526 07ARGT_528 07ARGT_530 Tom is afraid of heights, it ends up. 07ARGT_302 This zipliner did not learn how to use the brakes on the zipline and came in at full speed.  The trainer manning the stand still was able to safely stop the guy. 07ARGT_301 The end of the zipline. 07ARGT_533 07ARGT_534 07ARGT_303 We were really dirty and damp when we got back to the hostel.

Created first in January, 2007 by Andrew McAllister ( ).
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