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07ARGT_262 07ARGT_263 07ARGT_266 07ARGT_268 Fernando's Asador. 07ARGT_269 07ARGT_270 07ARGT_271 Santaigo working on the beef. 07ARGT_273 07ARGT_274 07ARGT_276 07ARGT_278 A painting on the sidewalk of children who had disappered. 07ARGT_280 07ARGT_281 07ARGT_304 07ARGT_535 07ARGT_536 07ARGT_538 07ARGT_541 07ARGT_544 07ARGT_308 07ARGT_309 07ARGT_314 An antique frigate open for tours. 07ARGT_315 07ARGT_320 07ARGT_322 07ARGT_326 07ARGT_329 The BsAs hostel we stayed in. 07ARGT_330 07ARGT_334 07ARGT_336 The local tango club. 07ARGT_337 07ARGT_340 07ARGT_342 07ARGT_343 07ARGT_344 07ARGT_346 07ARGT_349 07ARGT_351 Asia de Cuba. 07ARGT_353 Asia de Cuba. 07ARGT_354 Asia de Cuba. 07ARGT_549 07ARGT_345 Sol and Dana showing us some Tango.

Created first in January, 2007 by Andrew McAllister ( ).
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